Inter-Agency Team

The best mental health support systems involve a team that works together.

Bridges to the Future is proud to be united with partner organizations, agencies and advocates from across Montgomery County as part of the Inter-Agency Team (IAT). Collectively we aim to impact the trajectory of youth and young adults of transition age with mental health challenges throughout Montgomery County. Our work focuses in three areas:


Together we work to create a positive impact on an individual level as well as a systems level. With individuals, the team works together to break down barriers that prevent youth and young adults from achieving their goals, encourage youth engagement in policy- and program-related decisions, and supports the Bridges to the Future staff in their involvement with families. At a systems level, the team identifies ways to improve practices and address gaps in the system; contributes to campaigns making youth mental health a priority nationwide; and incorporates Bridges to the Future’s approach into the continuum of services for youth and young adults in Montgomery County.