Elevate Young Professionals Retreat

As we all know it’s hard out here for us millennials, student loans, diminishing job opportunities, glass ceilings, and everything in between. It takes a toll on us and sometimes we forget who we are under the pressures of the world and in our vacuums. Becoming so wrapped up in your work, you forget to eat or do the daily things that bring you happiness or just make you who you are. Pressure.

For me the young professionals retreat was about how to remain yourself and grow within the world you created for yourself. How to continue to evolve whether it’s in the workplace or inside that brain of yours. As we grow older, as the proverbial clock keeps ticking realization erupts that all roads lead to the same place and although some end prematurely and others are rewarded with great success, we know mental health and self-care can get us all.

Trauma from past experiences or the current everyday drudge that befalls, little time do we snatch back for our mental health. Not much do we ask ourselves are we okay and take the necessary steps to feel comfortable again at the very least. This was a call home, a grounding session and it was a great experience.

-Brandon Dean

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