Pat Mosby

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Madge “Pat” Mosby is the Lead Family Support Partner with the Montgomery County Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health at the present; she is a Retired, System of Care Family Coach and Trainer for The Institute of Innovation and Implementation at the University of Maryland, Division of Social Work which provided statewide technical assistance and training.

Pat is a single mother of three children and a grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren. Pat’s involvement in children’s mental health began at home, she has three children, two with mental health challenges; one was on the Emotionally Disturbed Unit (which the title has now been changed) and the other, who was in a Gifted and Talented Program in the Montgomery County School System. Pat has worked in the children’s mental health field for over 20 years, beginning as a consumer of services in the Wraparound process for her children.

After receiving the support she needed for her children and gaining the ability to navigate the child serving agencies, she decided to help other families and became a Family Support Partner. When the opportunities presented itself she became a Care Coordinator for the System of Care Grant, Community Kids. She has assisted families in their effort to find the support they need and aided them to become empowered and knowledgeable about the system and the care for their children’s success. Pat is an expert in the wraparound field and the engagement and partnership of families and youth. One of the highlights in her career was assisting youth in organizing the Mo County AllSTARS. She has testified on the state and local level on behalf of children’s mental health and wraparound.

Pat has trained and presented at national and state conferences, she has helped initiate youth involvement in Montgomery County, Maryland and peer support in several states around the country. She has several certifications; National Certified Peer Support Partner, Certified Life Coach, CCAR Peer Recovery Coach and Trainer, Family Wraparound Coach and Trainer, Wellness Recovery Action Plan Facilitator, Mental Health Core and Youth First Aid, Motivational Interviewing and Active Parenting Coach and Trainer. Pat continues to advocate and empower youth and families around the country.