Kevin Tong

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Kevin Tong is a Youth Support Partner with Bridges to the Future. He helps youth and young adults stay motivated to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a getting to a job interview, focusing on reaching their full potential in school, applying for just about anything that a youth needs to transition into adulthood, he can help with. He has helped youth go from no job to having many job opportunities. Kevin makes those warm connections for youth who are needing mental health and other needed services.

When Kevin was a student aide in high school, he learned from his teacher how to motivate others, and learned to be a good role model for younger youth. He assists each one of them to reach every goal they set for themselves. Many youth wanted to get back into school and/or get a job so Kevin works to connect them back to school, search for jobs, fill out applications or create a resume; whatever it takes. Kevin enjoys working with youth as much as they enjoy working with Kevin.

Kevin has the skills and ability to relate very well with youth due to his background of lived experience and being near-aged. He loves helping and working with youth. Kevin walks along side of youth on the journey to adulthood. Kevin is that kind of person who doesn’t just give out “a number on a paper”, he engages youth on a personal level and walks the walk. He is able to make positive peer connections and transformational relationship are formed.

From Kevin.

I am inspired by this quote, “The past cannot be changed; the future is yet in your power.” I use this inspiration to share with others, I often say “don’t let the past determine your future”. I go by this every day, sometimes my past bothers me, but I don’t let things knock me off my focus from today.

I want to help others move forward from past failures and to create something new. I don’t think that anything is better than helping others because I never had the help or anyone to motivate me to do better. I wish I had had someone to look up to and now I can be that person for others.