Jessica Gibson

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Jessica Gibson is the Project Coordinator with the System of Care (SOC) grant called Bridges to the Future.  She coordinates a multitude of activities, meetings, invoicing, contracts, and reports that are required to start-up and maintain a program to expand the systems of care for transition aged youth.  She has been instrumental in building the infrastructure of the initiative from work flow policies and procedures to data collection and evaluation. She gets involved in the research of best practices for youth and young adults of transition age with mental health challenges and uses that knowledge to inform the work.    

Jessica has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and has worked in a variety of settings and populations to include youth in residential care and in their homes.  She has also worked with children with long term health issues understanding the connection between health and mental health.  She enjoys teaching college level psychology and holding group therapy sessions.  She loves teaching art therapy and has a deep appreciation for how non-traditional therapies can positively impact people.  Jessica is a foster care alumni, one of the 2% of foster youth who attain a Bachelor’s degree, who surpassed the expectations of the system by earning her master’s degree.  She has turned painful experiences into learning lessons and has a passion to be a part of bettering the lives of other youth, like herself. 

Jessica is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady.  She currently has two cats: Banshee and Cleopatra Jones.  She loves anime and cosplay.  Her favorites are Soul Eater, One Piece, and Ancient Magus’ Bride.  She enjoys using make up to create characters, especially zombie make ups using liquid latex.  Her favorite cosplay is her Silent Hill Nurse, which she won 1st place with in a costume contest (first time!) and Ariel from the Little Mermaid.        

Jessica’s inspiration is seeing other youth without a traditional family, like her, be successful and thrive.