Transition age youth with mental health challenges face many difficulties as they move into adulthood, as child-serving systems give way to adult-serving systems with varying eligibility requirements. Achieving success in important domains of their lives; like education, work, stable housing, transportation, relationships can be very daunting. Many of these youth have become system “weary” and “wary” and have no interest in being a part of a system designed and run by adults. The Bridges to the Future aims to be the conduit bridging the gap to services for youth, maximizing their potential and to teach them how to take the driver seat of their own plans of action and their futures.


Click here to download the Bridges to the Future Application. Bridges to the Future supports young people ages 16 to 21 years old so they can optimize their mental health, minimize the impact of adverse experiences, and ensure a successful transition to adulthood. By reconnecting to school or finding employment, our goal is to identify the services and opportunities young people need to be happy, healthy, and successful.


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